Monday, July 27, 2009

Turn the other cheek...

Saturday night we were asked by our neighbors to come by for a back yard fire pit get together. They suggested we bring Grits along, so that's what we did. Now, Grits and their older dog Cheemo, another American Eskimo, are great old friends and often take turns peeing on either side of the fence as a way of saying "Hello". However our neighbors also have 2 younger dogs; both pocket sized maltese cockapoo crosses. As soon as we arrived one of the younger dogs, Lexy, went right after Grits and barked at him then gave him a couple of nips on the heels. I was impressed by the way Grits just turned away and stood still. Later, my nieghbor tried to introduce them again, and even though Lexy is about 1/3 of Grit's size, he exposed his tummy as if to say, "Okay, I get it, you're in charge around here!". For the rest of the night Grits sat in my lap or in that of my husband until we took him home early. I don't think he was really enjoying himself, not wanting to be where he wasn't wanted.
He could have snarled at Lexy or even worse bit her, but he chose to turn the other cheek. Way to go Gritsy!

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