Friday, July 31, 2009

Drink More Water

Grits, of course being a dog, pretty much drinks water exclusively. Sure he likes to occasionally lick the top of a pop can that someone might have left sitting on the floor or on our deck.
One time, I left a tumbler of milk sitting on the coffee table: it must have held at least a cup; probably more like 12 ounces. It was one of those heavy wide glass ones that you would serve a highball in. Anyhow, I left the room for some reason, only to find upon my return, that my milk was mysteriously gone. The glass was exactly where I had left it and the only clue was my loving companion looking up at me as he licked his chops. Again, how can you be mad?
Still, I'm always impressed by how Grits always thinks to drink lots of water. After meals, after play, before bed. He even, if he knows we're going for a walk, will pre-hydrate before we leave the house. Good advice...

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